I first met Katy in 2004. I called her and Kathie about the lack of a web presence opposing Amendment 36, an insidious ploy to split our State’s electoral votes. They said it was hard to have a web site when you had no money (it was early in the campaign). I said if they had 35 bucks for the domain, I would take care of the rest. Long story short, they did, I did and we won. Big. The chance they took on me was always appreciated.

I’ve been working with Katy ever since on a wide range of causes and customers and have never once regretted making that initial call or taking any subsequent ones. In fact, in this era of caller ID and constant screening, I can’t recall ever not answering a call from Katy. It didn’t matter if I was slammed or I was late in getting her something or whatever. I knew that the voice on the other end was just going to make my day better. "Hi Pete. How are ya?” We’d take care of business and then move on to more important things like pol gossip or, more likely, our mutual love for Colorado’s mountains. Man, did she love Colorado.

As mentioned extensively this week, Katy was liked and respected by people all over the political spectrum. Years ago, she asked me if I had ever read Mark Obmascik’s book about climbing all of Colorado’s 14ers. “Why would I read anything by Mark Obmascik?” (at one time a left-leaning writer for the Denver Post whom regularly spoiled my coffee and Lucky Charms.) “Well, you wouldn’t agree with him on much but he’s a great guy and you two would really get along.” She sent me his book the next day. And she taught me to write people off at my own peril.

Finally, as she was going through her treatment in the last few months, like a thousand others I asked if there was anything I could do. She replyed that, thanks to the people in her life, she had access to everything she needed, including the very best cancer specialists and multiple accommodations in beautiful places to help in her recovery. "Wow, you are truly loved.” She replied, in typical Katy form, “Not sure if I'm really loved or if I just have a boatload of embarrassing secrets about people".

Now I can’t remember ever setting Katy straight on anything, but I can here - it was because you are truly, truly loved by many, many people, all of whom were better for having you in their lives.